Confessions of a Tiny Red Cell – Ways in Which We Sabotage Our Own Health


Given that we have to live in the bodies we were born with, as we don’t possess the ability to swap them for new ones, you might assume that people would give their best to care for them. But is that the case? 

Instead, it is the opposite. It turns out that most individuals damage their bodies, either deliberately or unintentionally. 

Damage tends to accumulate over time in various unfortunate ways. It can make a person absentminded and impulsive. It leads the human soul to wither and causes depression. Program Your Mind by Gohar Yasin Chaudhary urges readers to take control of their emotions and thought processes to prevent all their vibrant energy from being sapped from their minds. 

The habit of overeating multiple times can sabotage your own mental and physical health. Gohar Yasin, in his book, includes a story of the tiny red cells making confessions about how they feel and perceive when people try to sabotage their well-being. 

Why have you stopped the process of exploration? 

Have you ever wondered how your liver would feel if you consume excessive alcohol? Or how would your lungs sustain damage if you kept on smoking? 

When challenges come your way, life gets strenuous, and to relieve the stress and anxiety, people move to other methods of coping mechanisms. While some are healthy, few are detrimental to your inner organs. Since people don’t prepare themselves for difficult times, life becomes more demanding and hopeless. This can put your organs into the fight-and-flight response, hijacking their ability to function correctly.

The red cells confess that individuals must seek new skills and techniques to develop emotional resilience. 

Life isn’t always about urging to get more.

Everyone is distinct; while some aim to get to the top, few remain satisfied with what they have already accomplished. 

Everything that is consumed excessively can be harmful to your mind, body, and health. Let’s take the example of water. Drinking plenty of water has many benefits, but excessive use can cause problems. 

According to the red cells, individuals are blessed with many things, yet their desire for more never satiates. Happiness isn’t achieved with quantity but a quality of life. Instead of consuming vast amounts of junk, consume less healthy things. 

Stop being impulsive and angry all the time. Try to control your emotions!

Life is a complex journey; hurdles, failures, and struggles make it complete. You deal with negativities, pressure, and constant failures. But is it okay to punish yourself because of how situations and other people make you feel? Do you think it’s okay to convict yourself?

The red cells are highly concerned about individuals’ emotional instability and coping techniques. 

How others make you feel doesn’t mean you must sabotage your health by drinking or smoking. Instead, try better ways for the catharsis, like boxing, swimming, or meditating, which enhance your productivity and balance your emotional tendencies. 

People are gifted with extraordinary talents and skills, but few fear utilizing them. Some tend to give up, and most indulge in activities dangerous to their health. Do you think this is the right way? To sabotage your mental and physical health and punish your internal organs for how others make you feel?

Get a better insight into how your mind works and try to comprehend the other concerns from the perspective of your internal organs with Program Your Mind by Gohar Yasin Chaudhary. 

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