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I love intelligent machines and the fascination dates back to my late college days when I delightedly converted my passion into a long-term career by choosing Electronics Engineering as my future academic and professional domain. During my undergraduate years, I was greatly touched by the innovations in computer technology, from Sinclair’s home computer ZX-81, which marked the turning point of computer usage as an activity for the general public to the then avant-garde Apple Macintosh. My late beloved father gave me the gift of ZX-81 in unassembled kit form and I used to get so engrossed in its novel applications that it would often become difficult to spare some time for
other subjects of the curriculum. I developed a keen interest in bioelectronic projects which opened the gateway to a super sophisticated universe that thrives in our miraculous bodies.

After graduation in Electronics Engineering and diplomas in French and German languages, I was selected for the “Master of Electrical Engineering Degree Program” at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, where I fulfilled my lifelong dream of doing research work at an Ivy League School. It was there that I came across a project to analyse signals from pods of whales when they communicated with each other through clicks, whistles, and shrieks. I was surprised to find out that some of the sounds were beyond the human audible spectrum. It implied that we can hear only part of the whales’ songs and it was practical proof that there are parallel un-sensed worlds that thrive simultaneously with ours. This inquisitiveness led me to the study of invisible human energies and how they can be harnessed to bring happiness to our world.

I completed another Master’s Degree in Business Administration and as I got engaged in my profession and interacted with a wide array of people, I realised that their performance depended immensely on their state of mind. Thus, began my quest and a lifelong challenge to find remedies to the problems in our lives, that would not only relieve my fellow beings but will equally better my life. The common denominator at the helm of affairs in all disciplines of life that acts as a regulator is our mind. I narrowed my focus and decided to educate myself with the work already carried out by scientists, scholars, philosophers, and sages. I attended workshops ranging from Reiki, Hypnosis, Meditation, Extra Sensory Perception, and Mindfulness to Neuro-Linguistic Programming and went from employee to employee and from person to person in all walks of personal and professional life to look into their concerns and problems that bothered them. More than anything else, I carefully
analysed my own career and life, including the pattern of my individual conduct during the ups and downs of life and the feelings that I penned down during my ultimate crisis. I also included many secrets about our moods that we do not reveal, because either we consider them insignificant or they would make us uncomfortable, in particular the causes of a sudden shift from a happy mood to flickers of sadness that ruin our day and taint everything with negativity.

To summarise, I compiled the following list of five major behaviours that make us bad-tempered, irritable, and anxious, which eventually culminate in unduly prolonged periods of frustration and dissatisfaction

  1. Absence from the Present Moment
  2. Complaints
  3. Anger
  4. Comparison
  5. Criticism

It is worth mentioning here that these behaviours often lead us to depression. Depression is a very under-rated disease that ravages our workplaces and homes. This deadly state of mind subtly saps all the vibrant energy. It leaves the soul hopeless and without hope, the human soul begins to shrivel.

Our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical energies are interwoven and instantly communicate with each other. For every thought we have, there is a reciprocal change in our physical body. When we allow negative thoughts to occur and worries to persist, our outlook immediately follows suit. We lose the present moment and though we act normal, our energy field is so intense that it pollutes the entire atmosphere with negativity in the blink of an eye.

This book enables you to understand the working of the mind and control it at such crucial moments, when the only help to rescue can come from within, through the knowledge acquired to run the mind. It hands over its readers, everlasting methods of healing that replace the aforementioned five adverse core behaviours with positive practices and restore the innocent peaceful soul with which we were born to its intrinsic virtuosity.

We have been gifted with extraordinary resources, but we remain unperceptive of them. Therefore, it is our foremost responsibility to educate ourselves about the uniqueness of our lives, so that for the very short time that we are present in this world, we can live with happiness, love, and joy. When we do so, we are not only able to improve ourselves, but also touch the lives of all those with
whom we come in contact.

This book does not give mere suggestions or verbal guidelines. It is built upon a life of decades of pursuit of academic knowledge and wisdom followed by long years of practical work and my experiences as an individual, a team leader, an employee, an employer, a spouse, a father, a family member, a philanthropist, and above all, as a humanitarian. Therefore, an important part of this book is to implement its conceptual framework in the practical life of its readers. The world has falsely led us to believe that all problems will disappear and happiness will come
gushing in one day when we will have a lot of money. The fact is that if the money comes in, our minds get gripped with fear and insecurity of losing it, followed by emptiness. If it does not come in, we start thinking of ourselves as defeated nobodies. Thus, in both cases, a false image of
weakness and helplessness gets portrayed in our minds. On the other hand, if we cultivate awareness, then this false image will not be able to survive for long.

No matter how much money is in our bank accounts, properties, estates, cars, luxury yachts, private planes, diamonds or haute couture, the surplus that keeps on accumulating after fulfilling the requirements of modest living standards hardly adds up to peace in life. The same is true for fame and other goals that we create for ourselves as a roadmap to success and happiness, without first calming the mind and acquiring reasonable control.

It is because life is good only when things are
sorted out in the mind — the seat of
permanent pleasure and true eternal wealth.

And that is where we are poor. Health falling apart; loved ones getting ignored; anger causing devastation; criticism breaking hearts; comparisons causing stress; and anger and depression ravaging the inner landscape with misery. The result is that we remain unaware of countless blessings in our lives till we get jolted by their loss. My dear readers, I have a simple piece of advice for you:

Make the most of the present time.
It is not going to return and
give very little thought to fears of the future or
wrongs of the past.
Carpe Diem!

Hold your head high, for your roots trace back to the Creator of this Universe, who has filled your life with miracles. All the blessings around you could not have been meant for an average and a mediocre specie, just to survive. You are full of seeds of success. Now it is your job to take care of them, water them, fertilise them and let them grow into tall shadeful trees.

When the sea is wild and the winds are furious, it is too late to think of strengthening the sail.

We need to equip ourselves with the right mind tools
to develop emotional resilience,
before a disaster falls upon us and
life spins out of control

We need to spare some time from our unnecessary busy schedules and spend our valuable resources, foremost, to keep ourselves happy and build up the right defences against stress, worry, anxiousness, sadness, depression, and exhaustion, no matter what the circumstances may be. The wind is going to blow with all its might, but it is our responsibility to learn to sail on its wings instead of standing defencelessly and watching ourselves and our loved ones get ripped apart. As the saying goes:

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago.
The second best time is now.

Happiness, peace, and joy are not a destination. They are the daily profits we reap, during the course of this divine journey. One day, all of us are going to fade in time. What a short play! But, if we perform our role right, even a short play is good enough to give us lasting peace of mind. This realisation alone is sufficient to make us love each other unconditionally.

I would urge you to believe in your intense desire to reap maximum benefit out of this book, by going over its contents in gradual intervals, instead of finishing it in a sitting or two.

You are about to acquire a life-changing skill of programming your mind and like any other skill,
the more it is practised, the easier it gets to perform

This book has two distinct parts. In the first part, we learn the art of grounding the mind that brings down the brain pulsating frequencies to the range where new programs can be inserted so that the mind is regulated and run according to our pre-defined objectives.

In the second part, we learn the techniques of permanently encoding the new programs into the working memory of the brain, so that the desired behaviours become the default impulsive positive response under all external good or bad conditions.

There is no pre-requisite of having certain electronics or medical background to understand and apply the techniques laid out in the book. All that is required to achieve the maximum benefit from the book, is to have a strong will and a desire to change your life and the life of your loved ones for the better.

The concepts have been made very simple with the help of 90+ coloured images which eventually become firmly seated in the left side of the brain. You also get free access to some movies which help in cementing the concepts. You can also join the workshops from the comfort of your home, that demonstrate the concepts practically and take you along each stage of mind transformation.

My life stands changed forever and the more I share this knowledge, the more fortune of happiness and satisfaction, I amass. I consider myself one of the wealthiest persons on this planet by virtue of the peace of mind and contentment, that flow in naturally by following the principles and techniques laid out in this book. It has become my greatest ally and I pray that it equally enriches your life with prosperity and serenity

With best wishes to treasure your life,

Gohar Yasin Chaudhary

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