Program your mind

And begin a new life of happiness and prosperity

Take control of yourself and open a new gateway to a life of joy and satisfaction. Negativity and problems captivate our minds and make them so rudderless that sadness and emptiness seize our lives, despite having all the essential blessings. Under this stressed state of mind, positive alternates
become inaccessible.

Whether it is the unhappy mood that is keeping you agitated; some deep-rooted issues that are making you worried; depression that has broken past your defenses; a life-threatening disease that has enslaved you; unfair societal conditions that have reduced you to isolation; disabilities that have
incapacitated you; drugs that have devastated your loved ones; or old age that has weakened your physical powers; the methods of invoking positive behavior learned in this book will enable you to overcome the challenging situations with an optimistic attitude and a positive frame of mind.

There are five significant traits pointed out in the book which negatively affect the mind and make us bad-tempered, irritable, anxious, dissatisfied and eventually depressed. Their origin lies in the external sources beyond our control and their cumulative influence locks us into negativity.

To break this grip of negativity, a novel concept of grounding has been introduced in the book that resets the mind, relieves it of unnecessary pressures, and makes the conditions conducive for programming new instructions and installing new behaviors. We define ourselves anew and create a blueprint of who we should be and how we are going to defend our authentic selves. Once the skill of grounding is acquired, the mind is programmed with new instructions which replace the objectionable traits with new behaviors and restore the innocent peaceful soul with which we were born to its intrinsic virtuosity.

There is no prerequisite of having a certain electronics or medical background to understand and apply the techniques laid out in the book. All that is required to achieve the maximum benefit, is to have a strong will, perseverance, and commitment to change your life and the life of your loved ones for the better.

The concepts have been made very simple with the help of 90+ coloured images which eventually become firmly seated in the left side of the brain and are thus recallable in the blink of an eye. Most important modules of the book have been animated into movies which delve into mindful details and their frequent viewing fulfil the requirements of a 21-day habit-forming span. As a supplementary aide, you can also join the zoom workshop from the comfort of your home, which teaches the concepts practically and takes you along vital stages of mind transformation.

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